acw300The A.C. Williamson Trophy is an annual award given to the tournament player who best exhibits the following:

  • Sportsmanlike conduct
  • Leadership
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Exemplary actions
  • Hustle and determination

The athlete chosen will receive a permanent memento, which will be awarded immediately following the championship game. This small trophy will be engraved, except for the players name. The memorial trophy will be known as the A.C. Williamson Memorial Award.

The selection will be made by the nine (9) officials working the tournament. Each man will have one vote, and it shall be cast by secret ballot after working their last game in the tournament.

85th – 2015 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Devin Gage (Sr.)* 6’1” / 185 Chicago Curie
  2. Kevin Krieger (Sr.)* 6’6” / 200 Plainfield North
  3. Zach Norvell (Sr.)* 6’5” / 160 Chicago Simeon
  4. Da’Monte Williams (Jr.)* 6’4” / 165 Peoria Manual
  5. Trevian Bell (Jr.) 6’5” / 205 Joliet West
    * – Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Romon Douglas-Watkins (Jr.) 6’5” / 190 Peoria Manual
  2. Evan Gilyard (Jr.) 5’9” / 145 Chicago Simeon
  3. Elijah Joiner (Jr.) 6’3” / 180 Chicago Curie
  4. Charles Payton (Jr.) 6’7” / 190 Bloomington
  5. Josh Thomas (Sr.) 6’3” / 150 Chicago Simeon
Honorable Mention

  1. James Dockery (Sr.) Lisle Benet Academy
  2. Illijah Donnelly (Sr.) Bloomington
  3. Cam Gross (Jr.) Oak Park / River Forest
  4. Teyvion Kirk (Jr.) Joliet West
  5. Nico Johnson (Jr.) Danville
  6. Octavius Parker II (Jr.) Niles West
  7. Jamal Parks (Sr.) Bloom Township
  8. Dan Sobelewski (Sr.) Lisle Benet Academy
  9. Elijah Ward (Jr.) Joliet West
  10. A.J. Youngman (Jr.) Peoria Manual

84th – 2014 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Edward Morrow (Sr.)* 6’7” / 205 Chicago Simeon
  2. Colin Bonnett (Sr.)* 6’3” / 185 Lisle Benet Academy
  3. Trevor Stumpe (Sr.) 6’5” / 190 Plainfield North
  4. Jake Ludwig (Sr.) 6’1” / 170 St. Charles North
  5. Devin Gage (Jr.) 6’2” / 175 Chicago Curie
    * – Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Dennis Williams (Sr.) 6’7” / 185 Chicago Simeon
  2. Roland Griffin (Sr.) 6’6” / 199 Aurora West
  3. Josh Stamps (Sr.) 6’5” / 173 Chicago Curie
  4. Dallis Flowers (Sr.) 6’1” / 165 Oak Park – River Forest
  5. Zachary Norvell (Jr.) 6’4” / 170 Chicago Simeon
Honorable Mention

  1. Jack Callaghan (Sr.) St. Charles North
  2. Jordan Cunningham (Jr.) Danville
  3. Romon Douglas-Watkins (Jr.) Peoria Manual
  4. Carter Jacobs (Sr.) Pontiac
  5. Tommy Koth (Sr.) Aurora West
  6. Drew Mills (Sr.) Pontiac
  7. Isaiah Moss (Sr.) Chicago Simeon
  8. Dan Sobolewski (Jr.) Lisle Benet Academy
  9. Deion Thompson (Sr.) Bloomington
  10. Breshawn Wilkerson (Jr.) Oak Park – River Forest

83rd – 2013 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Cliff Alexander (Sr.)*, Chicago Curie
  2. Simmie Cobb (Sr.)* Oak Park River Forest
  3. Alec Goetz (Sr.)* St., Charles North
  4. Edward Morrow (Sr.)*, Chicago Simeon
  5. Jontrel Walker (Sr.)*, Aurora West
    * – Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Roland Griffin (Jr.), Aurora West
  2. Zerell Jackson (Sr.), Bloom Township
  3. Antonio Sims (Sr.), Bloomington
  4. Joseph Stamps (Sr.), Chicago Curie
  5. Trevor Stumpe (Jr.), Plainfield North
Honorable Mention

  1. Grover Anderson (Sr.), Lockport
  2. Adrian Deere (Sr.), Warren Township
  3. Eric Gillespie (Sr.), Warren Township
  4. Jaycee Hillsman (Sr.), Chicago Simeon
  5. Delano Jones (Sr.), Peoria Manual
  6. Erick Locke (Jr.), Oak Park River Forest
  7. Jake Ludwig (Jr.), St. Charles North
  8. Denzell Smith (Sr.), Danville
  9. Josh Stamps (Jr.), Chicago Curie
  10. Dennis Williams (Jr.), Chicago Simeon

82nd – 2012 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Cliff Alexander (Jr.), Chicago Curie*
  2. Morris Dunnigan (Jr), Joliet West
  3. Joshua Mcauley (Sr.),Aurora West
  4. Kendrick Nunn (Sr.), Chicago Simeon
  5. Jabari Parker (Sr.), Chicago Simeon*
    * – Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Aaris Austin (Sr.), Warren Township
  2. Quinten Payne (Sr.), St. Charles North
  3. Kendall Pollard (Sr.), Chicago Simeon
  4. Jaylon Tate (Sr.), Chicago Simeon
  5. Jontrel Walker (Jr.), Aurora West
Honorable Mention

  1. Adrian Deere (Jr.), Warren Township
  2. Izayah Donnelly (Sr.), Bloomington
  3. Kashmiere Hughes (Sr.), Peoria Manual
  4. Erick Locke (Jr.), Oak Park-River Forest
  5. David McCoy (Sr.), Niles West
  6. Demarcus Richardson (Sr.), Chicago Curie
  7. Trevor Stumpe (So.), Plainfield North
  8. DeVonte Taylor (Sr.), Waukegan
  9. Spencer Thomas (Sr.), Aurora West
  10. Russell Woods (Sr.), Chicago Simeon

81st – 2011 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Devin Foster, Chicago Curie
  2. Jabari Parker, Chicago Simeon*
  3. Juwan Starks, Aurora West
  4. Steve Taylor, Chicago Simeon*
  5. Jeff White, Peoria Manual*
    * – Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Nathan Boothe, Warren Township
  2. Tayvian Johnson, United Township
  3. Kendrick Nunn, Chicago Simeon
  4. Darius Paul, Warren Township
  5. Akeem Springs, Waukegan
Honorable Mention

  1. Cliff Alexander, Chicago Curie
  2. Morris Dunnigan, Joliet West
  3. JoVaughn Gaines, Warren Township
  4. Dennis Hightower, Danville
  5. Jibreel Jackson, Chicago Curie
  6. Marlon Johnson, Joliet West
  7. Gabe Levin, Oak Park River Forest
  8. Kyle Nelson, St. Charles North
  9. AJ Riley, Peoria Manual
  10. Kyle Ward, Lockport

80th – 2010 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. D’Lando Carter, Danville
  2. Devin Foster, Chicago Curie
  3. Jack Krieger, Plainfield North*
  4. Jabari Parker, Chicago Simeon*
  5. Karrington Ward, Lockport
    *- Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. JoVaughn Gaines, Warren Township
  2. Aaron Johnson, Waukegan
  3. Darius Paul, Warren Township
  4. Tony Pierce, Niles West
  5. Steve Taylor, Chicago Simeon
Honorable Mention

  1. Cairie Brown, Bloomington
  2. Dennis Hightower, Danville
  3. Nic Hoepfner, United Township
  4. Tayvian Johnson, United Township
  5. Andrew Jordan, Peoria Manual
  6. Javon McDonald, Schaumburg
  7. Kyle Palandech, Plainfield North
  8. Juwan Starks, Aurora West
  9. Kyle Ward, Lockport
  10. Josh Wilson, Pontiac

79th – 2009 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Jeff Dirkin, Oak Park River Forest
  2. Aaron Johnson, Waukegan
  3. Jereme Richmond, Waukegan*
  4. Anthony Shoemaker, Joliet
  5. Brandon Spearman, Chicago Simeon
    *- Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Lawrence Alexander, Peoria Manual
  2. Quan Conner, Waukegan
  3. Shaquille Lowery, United Township
  4. Juwan Starks, Aurora West
  5. Karrington Ward, Lockport
Honorable Mention

  1. Brian Byrd, Joliet
  2. Lorenzo Fiol, Niles West
  3. Luke Gschwendtner, Pontiac
  4. Dennis Hightower, Danville
  5. Dennis Hodges, Chicago Curie
  6. Marvin Jordan, Peoria Manual
  7. Aaron Levin, Oak Park River Forest
  8. Robert Robinson, Chicago Simeon
  9. Darien Walker, Chicago Simeon
  10. Ed Ward, Lockport

78th – 2008 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Wayne Blackshear (So.),Chicago Curie
  2. Paris Gulley (Sr.), Peoria Manual
  3. Colin Nickerson (sr.), Waukegan
  4. Brandon Paul (Sr.), Warren Township*
  5. Cully Payne (Sr.), Schaumburg
    *- Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Kannon Burrage (Sr.), United Twp.
  2. Jeremy Jones (Jr.), Chicago Simeon
  3. Reggie Lemon (Sr.), Plainfield North
  4. D’Mitri Riggs (Sr.), Bloomington
  5. Scott Vachon (Jr.), Plainfield North
Honorable Mention

  1. Ryan Callozzo (Sr.), Lockport
  2. Markus Cocroft (Sr.), Aurora West
  3. Dmonte Hopkins (Jr.), Lockport
  4. Stefan Kovacevic (Jr.), Niles West
  5. CJ March (Jr.), Peoria Manual
  6. Chris McMath (Jr.), Plainfield North
  7. James Monroe (Sr.), Bloomington
  8. Jereme Richmond (Jr.), Waukegan
  9. Juwan Starks (Fr.), Aurora West
  10. Justin Swiercz (Sr.), Schaumburg

77th – 2007 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Brandon Paul (Jr.), Warren Township*
  2. Iman Shumpert (Sr.), OP-RF*
  3. Donavan Foster (Sr.), Chicago Curie
  4. Paris Gulley (Jr.), Peoria Manual
  5. Stanley Simpson(Sr.), Chicago Simeon
    * Denotes Unanimous Decision

Second Team

  1. Mikel Brigham (Jr.), Danville
  2. Kannon Burrage (Jr.), United Township
  3. Nik Garcia (Jr.), Niles West
  4. Cully Payne (Jr.), Schaumburg
  5. Kenyon Smith (Sr.), Chicago Simeon
Honorable Mention

  1. Cortez Augusta (Sr.), Peoria Manual
  2. Daniel Barnes (Sr.), Oak Park / River Forest
  3. Wayne Blackshear (Fr.), Chicago Curie
  4. Brian Bradley (Sr.), Lockport
  5. Lawyer Crowder (Sr.), Peoria Manual
  6. Tylon McAllister (Sr.), Bloomington
  7. Brandon Orange (Jr.), Chicago Simeon
  8. D’Mitri Riggs (Jr.), Bloomington
  9. Matt Sturdivant (Sr.), Joliet
  10. Scott Vachon (So.), Plainfield North

76th – 2006 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Derrick Rose, Chicago Simeon
  2. Tim Flowers, Chicago Simeon
  3. Iman Shumpert, OP-RF
  4. Lonnie Lawrence, Bloomington
  5. Ceola Clark, Warren Township

Second Team

  1. Kevin Johnson, Chicago Simeon
  2. Dernado Eiland, West Aurora
  3. Tremell Adams, Chicago Curie
  4. Bruce Durham, Lockport
  5. Justin Bocot, Bloomington
Honorable Mention

  1. Kannon Burrage, United Township
  2. D.J. Dantzler, Joliet Township
  3. Logan Derrick, Warren Township
  4. Nik Garcia, Niles West
  5. Darreon Ingram, Chicago Curie
  6. Breland McKnight, Peoria Manual
  7. Brandon Moneyhun, Schaumburg
  8. D’Mitri Riggs, Bloomington
  9. Reggie Shipp, Aurora West
  10. Matt Vogrich, Lake Forest

75th – 2005 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Derrick Rose, Chicago Simeon
  2. T.J. Marion, Aurora West
  3. Tim Flowers, Chicago Simeon
  4. Marcus Lewis, Warren
  5. Breland McKnight, Peoria Manual

Second Team

  1. Ceola Clark, Warren Township
  2. Victor Colon, Niles West
  3. Lonnie Lawrence, Bloomington
  4. Bruce Durham, Lockport
  5. Kevin Lyons, Pontiac
Honorable Mention

  1. Marvin Bembry, Warren Township
  2. Justin Bocot, Bloomington
  3. Kendall Burrage, United Township
  4. D.J. Dantzler, Joliet Township
  5. Joshua Davis, Chicago Simeon
  6. Donovan Foster, Chicago Curie
  7. Lamont Sanders, Oak Park River Forest
  8. Reggie Shipp, Aurora West
  9. Kody Strong, Pontiac
  10. Johnny Walker, Aurora West

74th – 2004 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Dodie Dunson Bloomington
  2. Derrick Rose Simeon
  3. Sead Odzic Niles West
  4. Brandon Holtz Bloomington
  5. Marcus Lewis Warren

Second Team

  1. Robert Strzemp OP-RF
  2. Timothy Flowers Simeon
  3. Derrick Pryor Aurora West
  4. Marcus Van Curie
  5. T.J. Marion Aurora West
 Honorable Mention

  1. Alphonso Dillard, Manual
  2. Darreon Ingram, Curie
  3. Victor Colon, Niles West
  4. Jordan Dalton, Waren
  5. Tony Jones, Springfield
  6. Robbie Moore, Lockport
  7. Andrew Fair, Lane Tech
  8. Ryan Paxson, Lake Forest
  9. Breland McKnight, Manual
  10. Cedrick Redmon, Joliet

73rd – 2003 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Calvin Brock, Chicago Simeon
  2. Justin Cerasoll, Aurora West
  3. Shuan Pruitt, Aurora West
  4. Jeremy Fears, Joliet Township
  5. Christian Cornelius, Oak Park

Second Team

  1. Dodie Dunson,  Bloomington
  2. LeStan Hoskins, Danville
  3. Anthony Newell, Chicago Simeon
  4. Brandon Holtz, Bloomington
  5. Tony Freeman,  St. Joseph’s
Honarable Mention

  1. Kevin Ratzsch, Bloomington
  2. Casey Pond, Warren Twp.
  3. Sead Odzip, Niles West
  4. Brandon Alexander, Chicago Simeon
  5. Jarryd Loyd, Niles West
  6. Robert Verdun, Pontiac
  7. Troy Cogdill, United Twp.
  8. Randall Griffin, Lockport
  9. Cornell Hill,  Oak Park
  10. Travis Marion, Aurora

72nd – 2002 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Dameon Mason, West Aurora
  2. Jarryd Lloyd, Niles West
  3. DaShawn Walker, Simeon
  4. Rodney Williams, Peoria Manual
  5. Jach Thomas, West Aurora

Second Team

  1. Michael Binns, West Aurora
  2. Sead Odzic, Niles West
  3. Ollie Harrison, Danville
  4. Aaron Williams, Peoria Manual
  5. Michael Lindsay, Providence Cath.
Honarable Mention

  1. Jeremy Fears, Joliet Twp.
  2. Chris Hart, St. Joseph’s
  3. Joey Herring, Danville
  4. Tony Freeman, St. Joseph’s
  5. Calvin Brock, Simeon
  6. Dodie Dunson, Bloomington
  7. Ryan Murphy, Warren Twp.
  8. Brandon Holtz, Bloomington
  9. Brandon Smith, Bloomington
  10. Troy Cogdill, United Twp.

71st – 2001 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Alando Tucker, Lockport
  2. Dameon Mason, Aurora West
  3. Michael Thompson, Providence Cath.
  4. Dashawn Walker, Simeon
  5. Kellen Easley, Joliet

Second Team

  1. Jaeh Thomas, Aurora West
  2. O’Bryan Wallace, Manual
  3. Brandon Dillard, Joliet
  4. Alex Filin, Niles West
  5. Mark Hillsman, Danville
Honorable Mention

  1. Jeremy Cartwright, Joliet
  2. Quentin Herring, Warren
  3. Clyde Hooks, Simeon
  4. James Hughes, United Township
  5. Jarryd Lloyd, Niles West
  6. Chris Newell, Oak Park
  7. Brandon Shoemaker, Joliet
  8. Tim Splant, Lockport
  9. Charles Williams, Niles West
  10. Martin Williams, Danville

70st – 2000 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Roger Powell, Joliet*#
  2. Dajuan Gouard, Danville*
  3. Rome Sanders, Curie
  4. Alando Tucker, Lockport
  5. Jamaal Thompson, Aurora West

* Denotes Unanimous Decision
# Repeat 1st Team selection

Second Team

  1. Kevin Troc, Lockport
  2. O’Bryan Wallace, Manual
  3. Albert Hethington, Simeon
  4. Juan Robinson, Danville
  5. Derik Hollyfield, Aurora West
Honorable Mention

  1. Dion Brown, Bloomington
  2. Terrance Chapman, Joliet
  3. Darnell Coleman, Simeon
  4. Brad Cooper, Danville
  5. Dameon Gipson, Simeon
  6. Tony Gulley, Manual
  7. Clyde Hooks, Simeon
  8. Adam Miller, Manual
  9. Travis Miller, Pontiac
  10. Aaron Moore, Warren

69th – 1999 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Cameron Echols, Simeon
  2. Roger Powell, Joliet
  3. Jerron Hobson, Manual
  4. William Lewis, Curie
  5. Jessie Mackinson, Pontiac

Second Team

  1. Mike Krugal, Lockport
  2. David White, Simeon
  3. Dewayne Williams, Simeon
  4. Jason Telford, Pontiac
  5. Jeremy Harrington, Curie
Honorable Mention

  1. Lewis Smith, Aurora West
  2. Austin Real, Aurora West
  3. Paul Mysliwiec, Benet
  4. DaJuan Gouard, Danville
  5. Pierre Monagan, Oak Park
  6. Terrance Chapman, Joliet
  7. Mike Fowler, Aurora West
  8. Parnell Jones, Joliet
  9. Jim Smallwood, Manua
  10. Robert Bankhead, Waukegan

68th – 1998 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Derek Reich, Niles West
  2. Marlon Brooks, Peoria Manual
  3. Cameron Echols, Simeon
  4. Tyson Warden, United Township
  5. Jessie Mackinson, Pontiac

Second Team

  1. William Lewis, Curie
  2. Dewayne Williams, Simeon
  3. Byron Thompson, Aurora West
  4. Matt Wilke, Benet Academy
  5. Jason Telford, Pontiac
Honorable Mention

  1. Jourdain Milot, Warren Township
  2. Roger Powell, Joliet Township
  3. Deaudre Cornelius, Joliet Township
  4. Demitrius Hunter, United Township
  5. David Roos, Peoria Manual
  6. Adam Miller, Peoria Manual
  7. Mike Brandow, Warren Township
  8. Jeremy Woodward, Pontiac
  9. Jamarr Lewis, Oak Park
  10. D.J. Lipke, Benet Academy

67th – 1997 All Tournament Team

First Team

  1. Bobby Simmons, Simeon
  2. Frankie Williams, Manual
  3. Richard Terry, Joliet
  4. Nate Caldwell, Bloomington
  5. Vince Hamilton, Lockport

Second Team

  1. Andre Newson, Aurora West
  2. Eric Dunn, Curie
  3. Pierre Green, Simeon
  4. Robert Johnson, Manual
  5. Jourdan Milot, Warren

During the 2006-07 basketball season the Illinois High School Association, IHSA, announced its list of “100 Legends of the IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament.” Fans selected the first 82 Legends in an online election that ran from November to March, and the remining 18 Legends were selected by a blue ribbon panel.  The Legends were honored during the 2007 IHSA State Boys Basketball Tournament, which was the centennial celebration of America’s Original March Madness.

Listed below are twenty four members of the exclusive club of IHSA Legends who played, coached, or officiated in at least one of the first 75 Pontiac Holiday Tournaments:

Kenny Battle – West Aurora Player – Played for John McDougal’s 2nd place team in 1983; won Aubra Williamson Award in 1983.

Bruce Douglas – Quincy High Player – Played on four championship teams from 1978-1981; won Aubra Williamson Award in 1981.

Walter Downing – Providence New Lenox Catholic Player – Lost in 1980 championship game to Quincy, 47-42, in one of the more memorable championship games in the history of the PHT; co-Aubra Williamson Award winner in 1980 with Michael Payne.

Dwight “Dike” Eddleman – Centralia High Player, Official – Member of three championship teams in 1939, 1940, and 1941; officiated several tournaments in the ’50s and ’60s. (Deceased)

Lowell Hamilton – Chicago St. Mel Player – Started at center for 1984 championship team; member of only team other than Quincy or Manual to win a tournament from 1978 to 1989.

Dawson “Dawdy” Hawkins – Pekin High Coach – Coached Pekin to 2nd place in 1963 tournament against Bloom, then won the championship in 1964, defeating Lockport. (Deceased)

Cal Hubbard – Normal University High Player – Forward on 1966 Normal University High team, but did not play because of a knee injury.

Gordy Kerkman – West Aurora Coach – Coached in the last 36 Holiday Tournaments; led West Aurora to the title in 1990; has also coached the Blackhawks to five 2nd place finishes; fellow Legend John McDougal’s assistant on the 1975 championship team and 1983 2nd place team.

Gay Kinter – Decatur High Coach – Coached Decatur’s team in the PHT in 1926, 1927, 1930, 1932, 1935, and 1938. (Deceased)

Jerry Leggett – Quincy High Coach – Coached Quincy to five consecutive championships from 1978-1982; finished 2nd in 1976; 25-3 record in eight tournament appearances from 1976-1983. (Deceased)

Sergio McClain – Peoria Manual High Player – Won 1995 Aubra Williamson Award; led Manual to titles in 1994 and 1995.

Wayne McClain – Peoria Manual High Coach – Coached Manual to three championships in 1994, 1995, and 1997; compiled a 19-3 record in six tournaments; also had two 2nd place finished in 1999 and 2000 and a 5th place finish in 2001; also an assistant to Dick Van Scyoc during six of Coach Van Scyoc’s championshp teams and two 2nd place teams.

John Mcdougal – West Aurora High Coach – Coached West Aurora to 1975 title and a 2nd place finish in 1972 in six tournament appearances.

Fred Miller – Pekin High Player – Sophomore starting center on Dawdy Hawkin’s 1964 championship squad.

Dale Minick – Decatur High Player – Played in 1935 tournament for Gay Kinter’s Decatur Running Red’s. (Deceased)

Mark Peterman – Springfield High Coach – Coached 1933 Springfield team to tournament consolation title. (Deceased)

Gene Pingatore – Westchester St. Joe Coach – Coached in two tournaments in 2002 and 2003.

Dave Robisch – Springfield High Player – 6′ 11″ center led Senators to 2nd place in 1965 and 3rd in 1966 tournament.

Herb Scheffler – Springfield High Player – Played for Mark Peterman “Springfield Five” in the 1933 tournament that won the consolation title; named as member of second team all tournament that same year. (Deceased)

Dolph Stanley – Mt. Pulaski High Coach – This legend coached Mt. Pulaski to a 1-1 record in the 1935 tournament. (Deceased)

Gary Tidwell – Danville High Assistant Coach – This legend has assisted at Danville High School and is now the head coach of the Vikings for the 2006-2007 season.

Arthur Trout – Centralia High Coach – Included in his 809 career wins were for tournament championships in 1933, 1939, 1940, and 1941; participated in nine holiday tournaments beginning in1933 and compiled a 26-8 record; also finished 2nd in 1936 and 1938. (Deceased)

Individual Records

Most Points (one game)
50, Bob Bender, Bloomington
21 fg, 8 ft against Cairo, 1974

Most Points (four games)
134, Audie Matthews, Bloom Twp., 1973

Most Three-Point Field Goals (one game)
7, Kevin Lyons, Pontiac, 2005

Most Three-Point Field Goals (four games)
19 Tony Pierce, Niles West, 2010

Most Fields Goals (one game)
21, Bob Bender, Bloomington, 1974

Most Field Goals (four games)
57, Audie Matthews, Bloomington, 1973

Most Free Throws (one game)
19, Gordon Stephens, Rushville, 1951
19, Gary Clark, Bloom, 1969

Most Free Throws (four games)
40, Bob Kendrick, Chester, 1953

Most Points (championship game)
43, Audie Matthews, Bloom Twp., 1973

Team Records

Most Points (one game)
126, Peoria Manual against Morris, 1986

Most Points (one quarter)
41, Peoria Manual against Morris, 1986

Most Points (four games)
399, Peoria Manual, 1986 (86, 126, 96, 91)

Most Field Goals (one game)
56, Peoria Manual against Morris, 1986

Most Three-Point Field Goals (one game)
13, Niles West vs. United Township 2010

Most Three-Point Field Goals (four games)
22, Peoria Manual, 1990
26, Peoria Manual, 2001

Most Three-Point Field Goals (combined one game)
16, Peoria Manual (8) & Joliet West (8), 1990

Most Free Throws (one game)
47, Granite City, 1965

Highest Combined Total (one game)
194, Peoria Manual (126) & Morris (68) in 1986

Highest Score (championship game)
91, Peoria Manual in 1986 against Providence St. Mel

Highest Score (losing team)
82, Quincy in 1971 against Streator

Highest Score (losing team in championship game)
79, Bloom Twp., 1967

Year Champion Second Place Consolation
2014 Chicago Simeon Benet Academy Peoria Manual
2013 Chicago Curie Chicago Simeon Plainfield
2012 Chicago Simeon Aurora West Oak Park-River Forest
2011 Chicago Simeon Chicago Currie Lockport
2010 Chicago Simeon Warren Chicago Curie
2009 Waukegan Chicago Simeon Aurora West
2008 Warren Township Schaumburg Aurora West
2007 Chicago Simeon Peoria Manual Chicago Curie
2006 Chicago Simeon Warren Twp Schaumburg
2005 Chicago Simeon Warren Twp Bloomington
2004 Bloomington Chicago Simeon Peoria Manual
2003 Chicago Simeon Aurora West Bloomington
2002 Chicago Simeon Aurora West Danville
2001 Joliet Twp Lockport Danville
2000 Joliet Twp Danville Chicago Simeon
1999 Chicago Simeon Peoria Manual Lockport
1998 Chicago Simeon Peoria Manual Oak Park
1997 Peoria Manual Joliet Twp Chicago Hales Franciscan
1996 Chicago Simeon Aurora West Joliet Twp
1995 Peoria Manual Aurora West Danville
1994 Peoria Manual Joliet Twp Pontiac
1993 Joliet Twp Oak Park Bloomington
1992 Oak Prk Peoria Manual Joliet West
1991 Peoria Manual Peoria Richwoods Warren Twp
1990 Arora West Peoria Manual Warren Twp
1989 Peoria Manual Oak Park Lockport
1988 Peoria Manual Oak Park Lockport
1987 Peoria Manual Bloomington Joliet West
1986 Peoria Manual Providence St. Mel Prospect
1985 Peoria Manual Alton Aurora West
1984 Providence St. Mel Lockport Denville
1983 Peoria Manual Aurora West Lockport
1982 Quincy Peoria Manual Ottawa
1981 Quincy Peoria Manual Ottawa
1980 Quincy Providence-New Lenox Alleman
1979 Quincy New Trier East Aurora West
1978 Quincy Lockport Weber
1977 Lockport New Trier East Peoria Manual
1973 Bloom LaSalle-Peru New Trier East
1972 Lockport Aurora West Pontiac
1971 Alleman (Rock Island) Waukegan LaSalle-Peru
1970 Granite City Normal (University) Waukegan
1969 LaSalle-Peru Waukegan Alleman
1968 Alleman (Rock Island) Waukegan Richwoods
1967 Lockport Bloom Richwoods
1966 Waukegan Lockport Prospect
1965 Prospect Springfield Granite City
1964 Pekin Lockport Carmi
1963 Bloom Pekin Springfield
1962 Lockport Alleman (Rock Island) Granite City
1961 Richwoods (Peoria Hts.) Bloom, Chicago Hts. Arlington Hts.
1960 Clinton Springfield Princeton
1959 Waukegan Proviso East, Maywood Sterling
1958 (Dec.) Alton Proviso, Maywood Aurora East
1958 (Jan.) New Trier Princeton Aurora East
1956 Alton Hillsboro Bloomington
1955 Washington Alton Streator
1954 Alton Washington Lawrenceville
1953 (Dec.) Hillsboro Bloom, Chicago Hts. Delavan
1953 (Jan.) Morria DePue New Trier
1951 New Trier Bloom, Chicago Hts. Chester
1950 Freeport East Moline Alton
1949 (Dec.) Freeport New Trier Peoria Central
1949 (Jan.) Lyons, LaGrange Chenoa Potomac
1948 Mattoon Altamont Henry
(Tournament was abanoned during World War II, until 1947)
1941 Centralia Peoria Woodruff Urbana
1940 Centralia Flora Taylorville
1939 Centralia Flora Taylorville
1938 Dwight Centralia Casey
1937 Braidwood Rockford Elgin
1936 Proviso, Maywood Centralia Braidwood
1935 Vandalia Johnston City Proviso, Maywood
1934 Elgin Mt. Pulaski Peoria Central
1933 Centralia Benton Springfield
1932 Benton West Frankfurt Mattoon
1931 Benton Johnston City Kewanee
1930 Harrison Tech, Chicago Athens Fairbury
1929 Carbondale Elkhart Clinton
1928 University Normal U-High Olney Cornell
1927 Cornell Tilden, Chicago Boone, Iowa
1926 University Normal U-High Cornell Fairbury